sitemap Ohayocon 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Granado Espada Photoshoot

Ohayocon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Rynn and FullMoonBunny

Female Fighter and Female Musketeer

Source: Granado Espada

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I'd done a drive-by photo of this pair at Youmacon, but only really managed to snag this picture, which was great, but I wanted more. Anyway, I managed to snag an entire shoot this time, and though we had limited scenery, I think we made it work. Mixed up some closeups with some paired photos, and you can see the results below, which I'm really happy with.

It was good having an extended shoot, and I didn't feel like I was stealing shots, so all good [grin]. Thanks to you two and enjoy the pics...


One of my fave shots from the con - I just really like the placement for some reason.

























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