sitemap FANEXPO 2008, Toronto Ontario, cosplay photoshoot - Harley and the Joker



FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Megpie as Harley Quinn,
Chibi Non-Cosplayer as The Joker

Source: Batman

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Taken along with Gilly's Poison Ivy shoot (with Gilly guest-starring in a few photos below), this shoot was taken wanding around the neighbourhood, plus finding a fortunately placed dirty alley right before calling it quits. We covered Megpie a bit more in a separate photoshoot on another day, but we snagged some cool photos with her and Chibi-Non-Cosplayer, who made an excellent (and, I might add, creepy) Joker.

Together, they menaced the fair city of Goth... er, Toronto, and we got some good photos as a result. Thanks to all three of them, and enjoy the photos.








The Joker + high voltage = nothing good...






















The Joker moves in between the two...


...and the result is predictable...




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