sitemap FANEXPO 2008, Toronto Ontario, cosplay photoshoot - Gilly as Poison Ivy with Megpie as Harley Quinn



FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Gilly-kins as Poison Ivy
Megpie as Harley Quinn

Source: Batman

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This particular set was the main part of a walkabout with some Batman villans - stopping for some coffee, some photos, and drawing the attention of passerby, including a set of construction construction workers from waaaaaay on up.

And really, could you blame em? We had ourselves a bonna fide set of villans both gorgeous and threatening, so it kinda comes with the part. Anyway, we found some convenient gardens for photos and made the most of the sunny day, followed by a quick alley detour for some grittier photos. Thanks to both of them for wandering around the city in spandex, and enjoy the photos.














Partners in crime... until the inevitable double-cross.


Generally, when she blows you a kiss goodbye, it's pretty final...


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