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FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

D.Gray-man - individual photos

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For pairs and groups check out this separate page. I don't have all the names right now, but I'll try and get them posted soon. Regardless, this bunch were really awesome and willing to spend the last hour or so of the con in a back alley far away from the, er, "action" of FANEXPO and get some photos done. I'll have to apologize, because I feel I was a bit off my game here, but I still think there's some good highlights here. I think things are good, I just wish I had a little more energy at the time, that's all *grin*

Thanks again to everyone for being awesome and working/wandering to get the photos, and enjoy the pictures.


lildarkone2 as (2nd uniform) Allen Walker


SoraTsutoni as (2nd uniform) Lenelee Lee


xshedevilx as Noah Lulubel


tobromancer as (2nd uniform) Lavi


*kumiko_chan* as (1st uniform) Kanda Yuu


RiKashi as ('Gentleman/casual') Allen Walker










No, there's no trick in this photo. Just scaling to a second story window and assorted other shenanigans.


BeepSushi as Noah Debitto












To add to the fun, by this point someone was banging on the window from the inside, and the restaurant staff were, how shall we say, kinda bemused by this. Thankfully, nobody got angry.










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