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FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

D.Gray-man photoshoot - pairs and groups

Source: D.Gray-man

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This is the pairs and groups part; the individual photos are over here. At the very end of the convention, I went out with this intrepid bunch who were happy to wander far enough to get to this abandoned alley as the con ground to a halt. There, we snagged some group photos and some individual photos. Lots of them, in fact.

This bunch was game for photos, so I think we've got some decent pics. Sadly, I don't know if I was entirely on my game here - it was the end of the con, so maybe I was a bit worn out, so I apologize for being a bit off here. Still, I think there was some good highlights here, and I'll be sharing them below.

Thanks everyone for being such troopers at the end of the con, sorry I was kinda dead, and enjoy the photos.

  • BeepSushi as Noah Debitto
  • xshedevilx as Noah Lulubel
  • RiKashi as ('Gentleman/casual') Allen Walker
  • Kiraito as (1st uniform) Lavi
  • *kumiko_chan* as (1st uniform) Kanda Yuu
  • tobromancer as (2nd uniform) Lavi
  • SoraTsutoni as (2nd uniform) Lenelee Lee
  • lildarkone2 as (2nd uniform) Allen Walker






















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