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Shinshi Doumei Cross photoshoot

july 15, 2007, University of Toronto

Surprise Music Video Segment!

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In every show, inevitably a band sooner or later gets involved. In this case, we kinda deviate from the show canon and have the Student Council form a band...

Okay, in reality, a Toronto band called Real finasteride online was filming a music video nearby and our merry group caught their eye. Snagging the crew for extras (with bonus possible copyright violation) our crew suddenly appeared as part of the filming. I have no idea what will happen to the footage therin; maybe they realized the random appearance of girls in weird outfits just stretched the grim documentary reality present in most music videos, maybe not.

Either way, they posed for the filming, people posed for the camera, and the group posed with the instruments for good measure. Fun times and footage for all.

Thanks to both groups for being good sports with everything, and enjoy the pics...




The shoot progresses, our crew looks puzzled...


















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