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DC Universe 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Gilly as Poison Ivy

Source: Batman

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Gilly was the mad architect of this particular plan, and we got a bunch of great photos out of it. Early on, the overgrown back of the furniture warehouse made for a good source of greenery and decay, and later on a conveniently-located community garden let us get some more shots in the unlikely location of a back alley.

As per normal, Gilly was all about bringing the sexy to the shoot, and I think that worked out just fine [grin]. Thanks to Gilly for being the instigator of this mad plan, and for being willing to run all around the city in spandex. Enjoy the photos.
















This was all in and around a community garden, giving us an unlikely source of greenery in the midde of Toronto. Worked out great...






My, what big eyes you have...














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