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FANEXPO 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Domin-Eau as Hatsune Miku

Source: Volcaloid

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Domin-Eau was someone who had contacted me before the convention for photos, and after a bit of searching, we managed to find one another and head out for some area shooting along with her designated bodyguard who'll you meet in the Gumshoe gallery. Thankfully, the local area lends itself quite well to this sort of outfit so we had lots of places to choose from and got a nice variety of shots. Anyway, many thanks for Domin-Eau and significant other for being willing to wander out to random places around the city for a great set of photos - nice meeting youm and we'll try and get some photos sometime in the future... Enjoy the pics.




Okay, so Roy Thompson Hall is generally meant more for the symphony, but I'm sure they'd make an exception in this case...
















Proof she's awesome about photos - it was her idea to drape herself upside-down on concrete stairs, not mine...




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