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Katsucon 2007 - the photo sessions

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After getting my first taste of American con photography at Shop online pharmacy new zealand this year, our crew made a lengthy trek down to Katsucon. A fun time was had, and I was busy between a few things, so I got less pics this time. Still, I managed to find some people willing to brave the cold for shoots, so I have a few natural-light photoshoots, as well as some hallway photography.

If you're looking to use a photo: Um, that works for me. I'd ask you not to inline link the photos from elsewhere - link to the gallery page or such if possible. If you want to grab a copy and use it, that's cool. Just try make some sort of mention/credit where it came from - linkage is always nice but not necessary, as is dropping a line so I know where my random photos have ended up [grin]. Oh, and in the unlikely event it's for commercial use, well, you gotta talk to me before anything like that would happen.

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