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Cos & Effect 2013 cosplay photoshoot

Homestuck at night

Cost of hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg as The Condesce,
Can i buy generic cymbalta as The Helmsman,
and Aaron as The Signless

Source: Homestuck

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It was late, but we needed food, costumes be damned. After eating at a nearby pub, we decided to get a few photos of the funky costumes before calling it a night. Campus security gave us a few stares, but were otherwise okay with us shooting in the dead of night. Anyway, it all worked out okay, and we got some fun photos. Thanks to everyone for putting up with holding really still at night, and enjoy the photos.


Fun fact: we had some random drunk guy leaving the bar decide to help us by holding the reflector. Hey, it works...










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