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Polaris 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Zahmira as Lestat, Turbo-B as Nicki

Graverg as Marius, Mame as Vampire #4

Source: Vampire Chronicles

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For the record, vampires are a pain to photograph. No, it's not due to their not showing up on film and stuff, it's due to them usually being shot in dark settings with dark clothes, and their sporting pale skin, making getting light levels more than a little tricky. It was after the masquerade and we wanted to keep it short, but we did manage to get some shots in and things worked out okay; in fact, I do like the effect that happened with the individual photos, and the lighting made for a striking style in my opinion. Anyway, thanks to the bunch of them for being willing to wear this stuff post-masq in the summer heat, and enjoy the photos.
























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