sitemap Otakon 2009, Baltimore, Maryland - cosplay photoshoot - Stray_wind as Lisa Garland



Otakon 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Stray_wind as Lisa Garland

Source: Silent Hill: Origins

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Since the only thing scarier than the prospect of Silent Hill at night is downtown Baltimore at night (without a native guide), we didn't stray too far with this set. Had a bit of fun playing with double exposure as well - a few creepy results. Anyway, we really need to find some urban decay, but for now, the walkways above Baltimore work fine. Thanks to Stray_wind for being up for shooting and not her customary partying, not to mention just being up for photos after a crazy long day at con, and for looking her creepy best. Enjoy the shots.














Fun with long exposure and flash - I call it "the two faces of Lisa Garland"...


Another shot playing with long exposure, this time with zooming.




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