sitemap Otakon 2009, Baltimore, Maryland - cosplay photoshoot - Final Fantasy VII



Otakon 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Tess as Tifa Lockhart, Miles as Cid Highwind, LilyLighting as Yuffie Kisaragi

Source: Final Fantasy VII

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This set was a bit of a challenge - see, the outfits were amazing, but it was also blazing hot outside and these outfits didn't all breathe so well, so we were left to work with the sometimes-difficult confines of the inside. Luckily we found a corner that was mostly unused (and security hadn't decided to start kicking people out for using it) and got some nice pics with some really soft lighting. Combine with some lobby photos of cool action group shots and you have a great set. Thanks to these three for being up for wandering around in search of the right spot, and enjoy the pics.




































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