sitemap Otakon 2009, Baltimore, Maryland - cosplay photoshoot - CodeOuran as Rukia Kuchiki



Otakon 2009 cosplay photoshoot

CodeOuran as Rukia Kuchiki

Source: Bleach

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Having taken some photos during the Lucky Star shoot we met up again on Saturday for some Bleach photos. Despite a broken sandal, she was game for wandering around most of the con space, so we had a nice variety of locations in the shoot. Thanks to CodeOuran for taking part and being so keen on photos, and enjoy the set.


Things blowing in the wind = awesome...


There was this really awesome corner with nice soft light. We managed to use it here, but it was full of campers by the time I was back later. Boo campers...
















And now the great outdoors












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