sitemap March TAC 2009, Toronto, Ontario - cosplay photoshoot - Darthmarysue as Miles Edgeworth



March TAC 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Darthmarysue as Miles Edgeworth

Source: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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At the end of the day I managed to meet up with Louise to make use of the rest of the good light for some photos. We were both kinda dead, but we did the best we could with the energy we had left with a simple but nice set around the CBC building and Cityplace. Not much time or extra hands for fill flash, so most of this was available light, which thankfully was enough for a good set. The last time we'd done this was at FANEXPO in 2007 in the afternoon, so we managed to pick up where we left off with another set. Thanks to Louise for pushing through at the time of day where we were all looking to fall over, and enjoy the pics.


Where Edgeworth gets his GQ fashion shoot on.


















Hm, I feel like we're missing something...

Something feels... incomplete...


...Oh yeah...



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