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Centre Island 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Pan as The Paper Bag Princess

Source: The Paper Bag Princess

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Most of us remember Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess, and it showed on the island - there was a whole bunch of childhood nostalgia coming forth for this. Seeing as this costume is kinda perishable (heck, it's biodegradable) we wanted to get some shots in, and a nearby hedge maze seemed as good a place as any given the lack of a charred landscape or giant dragon handy. Pan showed her usual fearlessness wearing a paper bag in public, so many thanks for her bravery - not only does it defeat dragons, it defeats the stares of curious tourists. It was a quick shoot, but it was fun and you can catch the highlights below.


Here be dragons...




A Princess - an individual of poise, standing and..., scratch that.






Yeah, she won, time for the victory posing...






Note: Paper Bag Princess, may, in fact, be the Lizard Queen...


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