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Con-G 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Lossien and Ray as Haruhi and... well, Haruhi

Source: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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I won't even begin to pretend I understand exactly what's going on here, but apparently these are both the same Haruhi, and I'll just smile and nod and pretend I understand. Anyway, these two were for a late-night shoot before fleeing the scene for the night, so we had pretty open hallways at least. It was a bit dark, and we kinda were all dead, but we got a nice short shoot in, and hey, there'll be more time for good lighting at a future date. Thanks to Lossien and Ray for suiting up again for the late shoot and enjoy the pics.
















This can't end well...


...told ya.








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