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Con-G 2009 cosplay photoshoot

D Gray-Man: Individual shots

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As it got a bit later, I was poked about doing a photoshoot with these four - hey, new people for shoots are always good, so we set out to get some pics. Admittedly, the scenery was a bit limited, but you make do with what you have, and some great costumes made for a nice set around the hotel. We'll find these folks again for more varied settings I'm sure. We shot for a while, even with them skipping the masq for shots. We'll also have some group shots up shortly. Thanks to all four of them for the shots, see you another time for more, and enjoy the photos.


rinata-chan as Allen Walker


Trini as Lavi




Megz as, er... alternate universe Lavi


Agatha as Kanda
























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