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Anime North 2009 cosplay photoshoot

KoriStarfire as Sadako Yamamura

Source: Ringu / The Ring

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As luck would have it, I managed to squeeze in two shoots around 10 AM on Friday after checking in. With the help of industrial wasteland and a nice concrete stairwell we managed to capture the creepy feel that the ring brings. A little post-processing never hurt either. KoriStarfire was her creepy best, willing to be barefoot in rather sketchy patches of land, and thanks to a costume that already looks destroyed, was willing to be on pavement and other nasty dirty surfaces. Thanks to KoriStarfire and enjoy the pics.






















We found an abandoned stairway and took photos with varying levels of exposure and post-process for effect. I figure it's a nice mix.


This shot was badly overexposed, but with some photoshop mangling it worked out well I think








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