sitemap Anime North 2009, Toronto, Ontario - cosplay photoshoot - Howl's Moving Castle



Anime North 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Scion as Howl Pendragon

Green Tea Killing as Sophie Hatter

Source: Howl's Moving Castle

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The only full shoot I really managed at Anime North - once the staffing stuff was mostly taken care of I managed to get a shoot with these two in their nice costumes from Howl's Moving Castle. Admittedly, the scenery in the area isn't exactly pastoral, but we made what we had work. This was a shoot up until the bitter end - these two pretty much packed up to end the con right afterward. For sticking through to the bitter end, not to mention being blinded by the setting sun, thanks to these two. Enjoy the pics.
































I figure this is as good a picture to end the con set as there is. Thanks again for another great year...


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