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Anime Central 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Temari of Suna as Tyurru

Source: Ninety-Nine Nights

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Last, but certainly not least was the pair of cosplayers from Ninety-Nine Nights, where we had a few hours on Sunday morning to really run around the area to try and quest for photos. And we quested - from inside the lobby, out to the forest, over to a parking area and finally onto some concrete, we took a lot of shots, and along with Buy inderal online, we got a lot of highlights.

These two were troopers, not only for putting on their costumes after sporting them all day Saturday, but also for being willing to take them out to the muddy forest, onto branches, and generally pose in difficult ways for elusive sky shots. My hat goes off to both of them - thanks muchly and enjoy the pics.












Take new costumes into a swamp? Now that's hardcore...








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