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Anime Central 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Missyeru as Berserker Paine

Yunabraska as Berserker Yuna

Yukeh as Berserker Rikku

Source: Final fantasy X-2

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Okay, this shoot had a *lot* of photos, and these three were so awesomely game about getting shots it's easy to see that it paid off. Again, massive apologies for the delay, but I hope this great set of pictures will help people forgive me for that part [grin]. Anyway, we had the Berserker trip in the forest and they were willing to risk funfur coming into contact with mud for the shoot, so that's insta-awesome points. Anyway, I should just post this ASAP, so I'll conclude by thanking the three of them. Enjoy the photos.
































Sometimes you sacrifice appropriate background for appropriate lighting.




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