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Anime Central 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Hiyoko-chan as Yuna, Gipps as Gippal, Rikku-chan as Rikku

Source: Final Fantasy X

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Okay, so these three win the hardcore award - after a mega Zelda shoot they asked for a shoot at 1:30 in the morning; hey, who was I to say no? Now, it's ACEN, which means at that hour the lovely hotel lobby is full of very drunk and loud people, so it makes photoshooting a bit... tricky. We only got a few shots off, but you can see we got some decent ones, all things considered. Many thanks to these three for the photos, you're all awesome for wanting shots so late, and we'll get a proper shoot of these in the future.


I really loved the rim lighting the flash behind them gave.
















Planters in matching character colors!


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