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Anime Central 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Final Fantasy X photoshoot:

Tessceres as Lulu, Maid Kyli as Yuna

KHriku_4ever as Tidus, and Tracking down Rikku

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Okay, this set was a looooong time coming. My bad... part of it was that we took a lot of photos, and working through/narrowing it down took a while. That, and well, I'm lazy, sorry. This bunch stuck around for a while and were game for getting some good shots in before some had to flee for masq judging. Braving the heat and the mud, I think we got some nice pics in. The leaves made it a bit tricky - they give everything a green cast that has to be corrected, but I think it worked out. BTW, let me know if you know the Rikku's name - I didn't get it, apologies. Anyway, thanks to all four of them for being so patient, apologies for taking so long, and enjoy the photos.






































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