sitemap Ad Astra 2009, Toronto, Ontario - cosplay photoshoot - Saeru as... her usual awesome self



Ad Astra 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Saeru as, well, Saeru...

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Before running back to my photo panel I snagged some photos of Sae in her steampunk-ish gear around the back area. Given the costume mobility we ran around the area, getting shots on benches, near construction gear, near the pool and pretty much anywhere else we could, so we ended up with a large chunk of pics. Below you can see the highlights. Thanks to Sae for being willing to go into all-terrain mode, and enjoy the pics.


I'm not sure what it is, but the colors really blend nicely in this photo. A clear fave from the weekend.








And the latest Steampunk accessory is the... Crane hat!

Okay, we were being silly, that's all...










We're not sure why, but people seem to like pics where someone's pointing and there's a lot of sky visible. So we figured we'd try it out, just because.
















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