sitemap Ad Astra 2009, Toronto, Ontario - cosplay photoshoot - Jayuna as Linalee Lee



Ad Astra 2009 cosplay photoshoot

Jayuna as Linalee Lee

Source: D.Gray-man

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Okay, this doesn't exactly fit the motif, but well, it's close enough. Sorta. And yeah, I owe The Joker a rain-check for a shoot in a more urban spot for exactly that reason.

Anyway, Jayuna's her standard dawwwwtastic self as Linalee, looking forlorn and such for the camera as Linalee, happy to brave the cold weather in a really short skirt for the benefit of the photoshoot. Anyway, a fun time was had, and thanks to Jayuna for taking part. Enjoy the pics, and I still owe that Joker some photos under darker circumstances...




























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