sitemap Youmacon 2008, Detroit, Michigan cosplay photoshoot - Scoti as Zidane



Youmacon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Scoti as Zidane

Source: Final Fantasy IX

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Another sunday shoot before the weather went south, you can see the grey skies in this one as the rain and snow approached. The soft lighting made for nice photos, most still taken with flash, but giving a nice color scheme that complimented Scoti's costume.

I have no idea what Zidane is supposed to be in the game - I presume that's a tail, and I'm guessing there's no headbutting involved unlike the soccer Zidane, but otherwise, we managed to mostly hide the cars in the background and get some pretty cool shots outdoors. Thanks to Scoti for braving the rain as it cut things short, and enjoy the photos.
























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