sitemap Youmacon 2008, Detroit, Michigan cosplay photoshoot - Alicel and Aliot from Ragnarok Online



Youmacon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

0bscurity and Nellanell as Alicel and Aliot

Source: Ragnarok Online

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Take some giant claws, a little levitation, and voila! You've got this shoot in a nutshell. Thankfully, my flash practice meant I could properly capture the whole "floaty" aspect of Aliciel and get some pretty cool shots as a whole. I think this set managed to get the look I was going for, and many thanks to them both for wandering around in big props, not to mention the constant hovering for the photos. On a more personal note, I was happier with my pair composition for these, since I've always been weak when there's more than one person in a shot. I think these worked well.

Thanks to these two for getting the con photoshoots off to a great start, and enjoy the photos.








The magic of excessive flash in the daytime.


Yeah, you're pretty much screwed by this point.






















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