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Polaris 2008 costuming photoshoot

Martin's Power Lifter

Source: Aliens

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Okay, in the circle of costuming, there's "going way over the line", there's mad, there's barking mad...

And then there's making a scale-sized Powerlifter from Aliens because you can.

And moving in it. Albeit not much, but still, this is pretty badass.

This wasn't really a photoshoot, so there's not much in terms of lighting and composition or theme, but hey, it's cool to see this being put together, and the sheer "Holy Crap" by the finished product.

Thanks to Martin for being just that hardcore, and enjoy the pics.


Yes, you really want to get back...








I made a costume and it was thiiiiiiis big.




R2-D Who?

Okay, just kidding. This isn't Martin's but it's awesome too.


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