sitemap Polaris 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Megpie as Bellatrix

Polaris 2008 costuming photoshoot

Megpie as Bellatrix

Source: Harry Potter

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In between thunderstorms, we snuck out to the vacant area near the con centre for some photo bits. We took photos, climbed electrical towers, summoned demon lords, things like that. One of the sets was Megpie, who was proud to show off her magical ways and take part in a fun shoot.

We've got the highlights here. I think things turned out quite nicely, so thanks again to Megpie, and enjoy the photos.







The origins of this secret Slytherin pose are shouded in mystery...


...and I'm not sure how climbing electrical towers came into being, but hey, it works...






And since someone will complain that photoshop is used here, I'll confess: Megipe is in fact a magical creature and can actually fly. Really.


Semi-serious pose!


Semi-semi-serious pose!



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