sitemap Ohayocon 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Amanda as

Ohayocon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Amanda as Zuko

Source: Avatar - the Last Airbender

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First off, for the record, let me say "screw setting" - because when you're in the middle of winter in a convention centre with virtually no greenery around, you have to admit the fact that photos set in ancient wherever are going to have a lot of concrete and glass in the background. Get over that, and you can start taking some nice pics.

It was a quick set, mixed in with some paired photos, but we got some nice pics I think. I think I'd sorta fallen out of the closeups, and I'm glad to have a few in here I like. Anyway, thanks to Amanda for the set, and enjoy the pics...











The light was a bit harsh, but hooray for closeups that work...

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