sitemap MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles

MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Sion and Angathol as Kurogane and Fai

Source: Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles

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The Skywalk connects Union Station, the Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome) and the convention centre. It also has a great glass hallway that just creates gorgeous lighting. Taken in and around that hall, this set has some great pic of these two great costumers. Later on we followed up with some, er, "special" shots with some off-the-record poses, just for fun.

Thanks to these two for their wanderings around the area for photos, and enjoy the pics.



I went strong contrast for this, less exposure in a later shot...






He kinda looks like Sid Vicious, actually.


Fai and Kurogane, men of strength...


He's a manly man, so manly that...
, never mind.








Along with the first pic, I love this shot.

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