sitemap MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Phoenix Wright cosplayers

MTAC 2007 cosplay photoshoot - Phoenix Wright

Rach, Mero-chan and Evelyn

Playing Ema, Maya and Franziska Von Karma

Source: Phoenix Wright

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Early on I did a shoot with some people doing some cute costumes from Phoenix Wright. It was rather sunny outside, but we braved the bright lights (and wandering curious onlookers) and took some pretty nice pics out there. A little fill flash, a little mister blindy, and a little polarizer work and we got some nice pics there.

Thanks to all three of these cosplayers for braving the bright lights and enjoy the pics.



Sure it's green and glowing... probably harmless.












Fun with mister blindy (a gold reflector) and a polarizer for that cool sky.








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