sitemap MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Mononoke with Chobrat and Overalls

MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Chobrat and Overalls

Source: Mononoke

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So the costumes weren't super-mobile, the weather was off and the outside didn't really have a suitable backdrop, so we shot indoors. Sparse backgrounds weren't exactly perfect, but they served their purpose and we got a basic set in with some occasional fun with creepy lighting.

We've got some highlights down here, and I'm especially partial to the close-ups for the stark look. Thanks to these two for taking part, and enjoy the shoot - we'll get a set with the right backdrop another time.





















The federally-mandated Chobrat-gives-big-eyes-picture, no matter how unsuited the character is...


No, this isn't from Mononoke, but I had no other place to put this, and it was cute...

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