sitemap MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Chobrat and Overalls' shoot

MTAC 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Chobrat and Overalls

as The King and Marie

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I know Chobrat's costume was a fashion assignment, and I'm not entirely sure about Overalls' - it might be from Le Chevallier D'eon, but either way, these two assembled some crazy complex (not to mention warm) costumes, and we weren't going to let some bizarre weather stop us. So we shot a bit indoors with what light we had, and a bit outdoors with mister blindy - a gold reflector.

It was brief, but I've collected the faves here, and I like how they turned out. Thanks again to these two for putting together some really impressive costumes for such a meh convention, and enjoy the pics.



She's looking so pissed because we're baking her retinas with the reflector.
















And now the legally-obligated "Chobrat has big eyes" moe picture...

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