sitemap FANEXPO 2008, Toronto Ontario, cosplay photoshoot - Sakura as Himawari from xxxHolic



FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Sakura as Himawari

Source: xxxHolic

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Sakura was with us during the massive The World Ends With You photoshoot, so we took advantage of the city space to get some shots of her as Himawari. Taken by rail yards, the convention centre, and a surprising garden populated by angry wasps, it was short, but we got a variety of pics in, and the highlights are below. Thanks to Sakura for wandering around with us while the world ended, not to mention holding still while being buzzed by angry insects, and enjoy the photos.


Among all this serenity lies angry wasps. Yay for studies in contrast, boo for... well, angry wasps.




A rail photo, special order for Sakura.








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