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FANEXPO 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Novaraven as Count D

Source: Pet Shop of Horrors

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This was an extra-fun shoot; myself trailing Novaraven and sister, and a camera crew trailing all of us. So yeah, somewhere out there is footage of me drenched in sweat hauling my gear around on a freakishly hot (well, for summer 2008 anyway) day. We started around 10 (me being horribly under-caffeinated), and did the tail end shortly after noonish indoors before we all died of heatstroke.

Despite the general curveball of the filming, it was a fairly standard shoot - the only major difference being me trying not to jostle the wireless I'd been fitted with, keeping an eye for the boom mike creeping into frame and trying to go about normally. Overall, it was a pretty good shoot (the other half will be forthcoming in another gallery) - basically photos over four decent locations, and not too much to avoid besides some puzzled Red Sox fans in the area. Many thanks to Novaraven for taking part, and enjoy the photos.


This is done with mister blindy (my trusty gold reflector) and really worked well with this costume. This was at the end of the outdoor shoot. Novaraven's being absolutely baked by the reflector held by her sister.


The first shots taken were inside the Skywalk, where the main challenge is cropping (or photoshopping out) the various product placements.








We chose the waterfall area near Skydome to shoot - I'm guessing that made the boom mike guy's job extra fun that afternoon.








We finished up in an exit stairwell - this one comes in handy and the red really goes well.








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