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Canadian International AutoShow 2008

Lotus Elise and Exige

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The Lotus set was a perfect example of "good cars, bad presentation" in action - while I'm all for letting people get close to the cars, the incredibly low Lotus cars meant people were literally sitting on them, not to mention pawing them over with no regard for the car. In the harsh light, you could see tons of scratches on the surface. I was sent there to photograph on behalf Lisa, which was probably good, since if she'd seen people acting this way I'd have no doubt that all their lives would be forefit for such sacreliege. This set really needed a raised platform, or people actually keeping an eye on what the crowds were doing.

So yeah, some fun shots, all under tripod because the lighting was really bad, and the crowds made these the best of the lot. Anyway, maybe one day people can not be idiots at these shows, but I doubt it. Enjoy the cars...


















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