sitemap AnimeNext 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Griffon from Pet Shop of Horrors

AnimeNext 2008 cosplay photoshoot

The unknown cosplayer as a Griffon

Source: Pet Shop of Horrors

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Okay, this set turned out to be rather massive, mainly because she wasn't really planning on wearing the costume again, it looked great, and she had the misfortune of being enthusiastic enough for a lot of pics of it. It's got a lot of pics, but I just couldn't narrow them down easily - there was a bunch of neat shoots done in various places. So the other galleries sadly won't be quite as crazy as this one, but I'm really happy with how this set looks, so too much of a good thing is really a problem I'd like to have more often.

Thanks to the still-unnamed (until I get official confirm on that) cosplayer for taking part in this epic length shoot, and enjoy the photos.



































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