sitemap Anime Central 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Tessceres as Asuka Langley

Anime Central cosplay photoshoot

Tessceres as Asuka Langley

Source: Neon Genesis Evangelion

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At the tail end of the con came one of my fave sets. Cool costume, cool lighting, and a lobby that was actually kinda clearing out, letting us play a little more than usual. It was quick, but I think it turned out great. Tessceres was game to run around and get shots where security wouldn't stop us, which sadly precluded some pics, but we got some neat ones in.

Thanks to Tessceres for being awesome in her costume and being willing to put on a plugsuit for Sunday and enjoy the pics. Extra thanks to Kaijugal/Dawn for some awesome photo assistance in a rather, um, unconventional fashion. I'll explain below...









We interrupt these cool poses for obligatory angsty insane issues posing...




...and we're back. So on a lark we decided to try an elevator, and it... was actually empty. Woah. Opportunity knocked, and we took pics. All good.




Not to reveal the tricks, but we got this shot by putting me on the floor and Tesseres sitting on Dawn's head. All the while trying to look natural and relaxed while not faceplanting onto tile. But hey, it worked.



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