sitemap Anime Central 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Selphie and Zell from Final Fantasy VIII

Anime Central cosplay photoshoot

Chiigusa and Kimono310

As Selphie and Zell

Source: Final Fantasy VIII

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The first shoot of the weekend, this one kinda he me getting my bearings again and figuring out where things could be shot. Thankfully, at this time security wasn't getting touchy about sitting on the wall near the staircase, so we took some shots there, plus some on the staircase plus a handful outside. It was a short shoot, but we got some nice results here, and I hope you enojoy them.

Thanks to these two for dealing with me when I'd had two hours of sleep, and enjoy the photos.


No assistant equaled fill flash instead of mister blindy, but it worked out okay.















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