sitemap Anime Central 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Eureka Seven

Anime Central cosplay photoshoot

CharcoalEyes and two others to be named soon

As Eureka, Renton and Holland

Source: Eureka Seven

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Okay, this is a rather brief shoot, mostly taken by me shadowing Shiroin (another con photographer, and a very good one I might add) and shooting this from about one story up with a very long lens. And for once, a convention centre had decent flooring, so we had a gorgeous clean marble background to go along. With the low light and long lens, the depth-of-field is a bit narrow, but I think the results work really well, and they made for some really nice shots. I only snagged a few (since other photographers seemed to have this bunch well-covered) but here's some highlights of my quick set.

Thanks to all three for letting me tag along with this shoot, and enjoy the photos.


Hooray for finally getting the feel of my longer lens. I love how the lighting gives such a contrast without being harsh.


The three together. Sadly, no individual shots of the Holland cosplayer.






It's a bit soft, but it's a decent close-up of the group.

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