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Anime Boston cosplay photoshoot

Arystar Krory and Allen Walker

Source: D.Gray-man

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Okay, I have no idea who these two people were, person-wise, but I think I got their characters right.

So there's this massive hallway at the convention centre, but it's full of people. That is, until 1 AM or so, when it kinda empties out. Good time for photos? Well, not exactly - see, the lights are really cheap fluorescents, and as a result almost everything comes out green unfortunately. Still, we managed to get some shots in that were workable before security yelled at us that everything was closing and we had to leave RIGHT NOW. So yeah, it may not have been ideal, but we got some shots of doom in before we were shut out. Thanks to the unnamed people in the photos, sorry for those who missed their chance because of the kick-out, and enjoy the pics.


That's not Photoshop giving the green, that's the lighting.




Not photoshop, just a wacky color shift from the lights.








Yes, that background is how the lights look to a camera.

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