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So, as customary, last but not least is the catch-all with various photos from in and around the con.

From dances, to panels, to contests, a masquerade and lots of random fun, it was a great con, and I was too busy having fun to get that many pics of the action, but below you can see some pics from among the con. Thanks again everyone, and enjoy the memories of a fun con.


People attend a costuming panel


A school sci-fi club comes out to show the love.


Derwin Mak Socializes with Liana K, Ed the Sock and a beauty from "Beauty and the Geek"


The zombie fashion show...


Our dedicated masq table staff.


Sara and Ruth preside over the PJ party




Ed and Liana address the throngs...




Alex displays her mad scientist side...


The paper airplane contest.




Some of the masq winners...


A guest at a photoshoot - a big bird of prey...

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