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FANEXPO 2007 cosplay photoshoot

Becky as Heather, Crimson as a Nurse

Source: Silent Hill 3

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Okay, this shoot took a little more work, both to try and get the look right, and to make up for shooting under... tricky circumstances. Shooting in an emergency exit stairwell backlit by the sun, and outside in (literally) the middle of the night, both gave lighting challenges - the former how to make daylight look dark and forboding, the latter for making the dark let you still see Becky.

I took a bit of liberty with the post-processing in some shots to get the look that seemed right - I think things work well that way. Thanks to both Crimson and Becky for wandering around looking for spots (Crimson in evil Nurse heels) and enjoy the shoot.



Becky had a separate shoot later - for once the grainy low-light look actually works...










Backlighting is tough to work with, but sometimes you can use it well...







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