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FANEXPO 2007 cosplay photoshoot

Louise as Miles Edgeworth

Source: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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In between bouts of heavy rain, we managed to sneak out before the ninja lunch for a quick round of photos in and around the convention centre.

Usually a grey day is not what you're looking for but in a weird way it paid off - the suit made for an awesome contrast against the business district, even drawing the attention of a local tailors when we passed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do, thanks to Louise for putting up with my weird angles, and enjoy the pics.







You know the line...


The red car means something, but for the sake of spoilers I can't say what. That, and I have no idea, but apparently it's significant...[grin]


She'll probably kill me for this angle, but I think it makes her look pretty badass.



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