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FANEXPO 2007 cosplay photoshoot

Angathol as Fai D. Flowright

Source: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

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I like Clamp costumes because, well, they look nice and you can use pretty much anything as a backdrop for them. In this case we used a combination of the nearby garden and the city skyline. Add in Angathol's nice costume with a nice big prop to wave around, and you have a recipie for nice pics.

Blues were the theme here, with the blue glass accenting the sky, the trim and the mysterious floaty jewel. I kinda saturated this set, but I like the effect it gives. It was several shoots at once, so we only got in a few locations, but what we did get in looked great, and I'll share the highlights here. Many thanks to Angathol for the shoot, including climbing up on precarious concrete ledges, and enjoy the pics.







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