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Polaris 2008 costuming photoshoot

Xiola as Nausicaä

Source: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

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It's been a while since I'd managed to get a photoshoot with Xiola - for whatever reason, whenever she was sporting a costume, I wasn't sporting my camera and vice-versa. We managed to get a shoot in this time, and I was glad, since she was one of the people from my way-old adventures at conventions (like we're talking 7 years ago here) and I'd like to get some newer photos in. Anyway, for once the wasteland around the hotel actually came in handy and nicely approximated the post-apocalyptic world of her costume. A short shoot before the storms began again, and she was off once again. Hopefully it won't be years until the next one...

Thanks again, look forward to another shoot soon, and enjoy the pics.


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