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Polaris 2008 costuming photoshoot

Baensidhe, Eleryth, haruharu, Mriswith, Oselle

Source: Ibara

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After the masq was over, this bunch was up for some shots. The basement under the main room has this neat area with red walls, cool wooden doors and general cool atmosphere. Unfortunately, this time it also had the flooring and the fountain removed, and I'm guessing the rest of it will be gone too the next time we go there. Pity. Anyway, this group, fresh off an award-winning presentation, were game for some photos, concrete floor or not, and we made use of what was left.

The light was a bit tricky, especially with me still not being altogether great with the flash rigs, but we got a pretty good set out of it, considering it was a construction zone and all that. Anyway, thanks to the five of them for taking part (I'll get their character names up later), especially after being dead from the masq, not to mention the con, and enjoy the photos.






















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