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Anime Central cosplay photoshoot

Kuroi Yokan and others

As Fai, Kuroagne and Syaoran

Source: Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles

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I'd actually scheduled this one in advance (which believe me, is a rare thing for me to do) so there's a bunch of photos taken from this set.

We had the run of the area, so after a few different spots indoors we went outside for a few amongst the scenic forestry and, er, parking lot. Okay, not always the most Clamp-ish thing, but it worked. I'm not quite sure on all the names, but I'll get on that when I figure out who's who.

Thanks to people for taking part, and enjoy the photos.


For those who don't know the con, the number one challenge is getting a clean background - getting what looks like an empty background at 3 PM at the con lobby is kinda tricky. Still, patience and timing paid off and we got some cool shots that way.





















Later on we took things outside...




Yes, there's a wooded area about 100 yards from the con. Who knew?


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